Atlantic Salmon

Fresh, Local, Raised and Harvested in the USA

Icicle is proud to deliver unequalled freshness from the Salish Sea to our customers’ dinner table in as fast as 24 hours. By raising and harvesting our salmon in Washington State we offer the absolute freshest Atlantic salmon on the West Coast - 52 weeks a year – something no other salmon farmer can offer.

Our Story:

On the Salish Sea where salmon farming pioneers began their efforts in the early 1970s, we are one of only a handful of companies who blend the benefits of both wild and farmed seafood.

Our farmers devote their careers becoming experts at raising high quality salmon. Surrounded by nature and working on the water, we forge deep connections to the environment and our communities.

Our passion for fish shows in our taste test winning, sustainably fed, sustainably farmed, sustainably harvested and eco-friendly Atlantic salmon. We believe this is the best salmon you will ever taste. Try some today.

Sustainable & Eco-friendly

Best Aquaculture Practices CertifiedIcicle salmon is the best choice for sustainability. We are Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified by the Global Aquaculture Alliance and meet the intensive international standards for sustainable farming and food safety. Consumers can be confident our salmon is nutritious, delicious and safe.

  • Sustainably fed: From our MSC certified fisheries in Alaska, we produce more fish meal and oil than is used in our salmon feeds. This helps protect the ecosystems in our oceans and ensures that, as a company, we produce more marine protein than we use.
  • Sustainably farmed and harvested: In the cool waters of the Salish Sea, our fish are humanely raised in a natural setting in an area where salmon have thrived for thousands of years. Every fish is harvested by hand to ensure best quality fish gets delivered to our customers.

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