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Employment at Cooke Aquaculture Pacific facilities

Working ConditionsOur Aquaculture operations consist of a hatchery located near Olympia, Washington and four grow-out sites around the Puget Sound area in Washington state.

The hatchery facilitymaintains our current fish stock and ensures that the early stages of fish development progress as well as possible. Bio security and fish health are of critical importance during this stage of development.

The grow-out sitesare located throughout Puget Sound. Each one varies in size and fish capacity. These locations allow the fish to swim and grow in the cool fresh running waters of the Sound.

Almost all site work is performed outdoors in the temperate climate of the Pacific Northwest. The work around the farm grow-out sites can be very physically demanding and all work is performed on floating fish pens.

Living ConditionsAquaculture employees live in their own housing that is separate from the hatchery or grow-out sites.

Work AvailabilityWork is available throughout the year at both the hatchery and grow-out sites. Career opportunities are available for both Fresh Water Technicians and Aquaculture Technicians. Both positions are responsible for the day to day maintenance and care of the fish and facilities, which includes feeding and monitoring the fish, light maintenance of site equipment and cleaning tanks and nets. Other positions may include Site Manager, Fish Health Technician, Harvest Quality Technician and Diver.

Season DatesOur aquaculture facilities offer full-time, year-round employment.