Kodiak Salmon PackersThe facility is located in Larsen Bay. Larsen Bay is a small glacial fjord off of the large Uyak Bay that bisects Kodiak Island. Salmon has been processed in this area for over 120 years. The climate in Larsen Bay is quite temperate. The summers can be warm, if not hot, with a heavy dose of rainfall and fog. The temperature usually hovers in the 50 degree area, but we have seen temps in the upper 70’s as well. Early spring and late summer brings shorter days and colder nights. It is not uncommon at all to see frost, snow, or even a bear on the dock in May and September.

Alaska Packers Association constructed the present cannery in Larsen Bay in 1911. The site is located on a beautiful sheltered bay in close proximity to the rich fishing grounds of Shelikof Strait, Uyak Bay, and the famous Karluk River. Early cannery work was very labor intensive and crews of about 300 people were brought up each spring on sailing ships from San Francisco. Although the cannery is among the oldest currently in operation in Alaska, many improvements have been made over the years to streamline and improve the operations. Now a crew of over 200 can pack a truly remarkable number of canned cases and frozen container vans.

In part because of the distance from Kodiak, workers and fishermen alike have developed a close family-like relationship over the years. For a five-year period in fact, fishermen were major owners of the cannery. In early 2006, the Larsen Bay plant was purchased by Icicle Seafoods, Inc. from Kodiak Salmon Packers. The 2014 season marks the 29th season for essentially the same fishermen/tenders and large numbers of employees who have returned year after year.